Sunday night ramblings, what the weenend is almost over…

It is the end of another seemingly short weekend.  I feel like weekends go faster and faster the older I get.  I am sure it has to do with all of the responsibility we have during the work week.  That has to be it.  It seems like we just cannot have enough time to do “nothing”.

What did you do this weekend?  If you are in Alaska I am sure it was something indoors.  The temperatures in Anchorage for the month of January have been record lows.  For my son attending college in Fairbanks, it has been even worse.  I think this morning’s FB temperature post was -50, YIKES.  It makes me so thankful that I have a roof over my head, a place that is warm whenever I want it.  So many are much less fortunate.

This weekend started on Friday night for me…  I went to Starbucks to knit with my Friday night knitting friends.  It was a nice large group.  Cathy told me that one of the new regular workers arranged all of the comfy chairs for us around the fireplace.  How sweet was that!  Saturday I vegged around the house for a bit before the nagging reality set in that I had to get the Dimond West Little League postcards ready for the mail!  Registration starts on February 1.  It would be nice for these cards to be in mailboxes at least by then.  It will be close!  Printer problems, color issues, blah, blah, blah.  450 postcards sit neatly on my bedside table cut and ready for labels and stamps – TOMORROW.  Today was here before I knew it.  I colored my hair (the grays were taking over).  I spent way to much time knitting a new project that soon was frog-ged because it inevitably was to big.  Stupid gauge!  Elliot and Cameron needed to be delivered to Baseball Academy in Mt. View so hubby and me loaded them up in the truck, delivered them, had a bite to eat at Table 6, picked up dog food at Pet Zoo, fetched said kids from Baseball Academy and headed home.

So when I have had free moments I have been perusing the inter-webs.  You know, that is what we do to get out of reality.  I stumbled upon some blogs this past week that intrigued me.  One about cleansing your face with oil, the other has to do with organizing all of the paper that surrounds us – I am saving that one for later.  The face cleansing blog was so interesting that I went to FM tonight to pick up some castor oil, to mix with my Orange Flower Facial Oil and try!  I might be a convert but time will tell.  My face feels clean, tingly and soft.  The best part of this is that it will be incredibly affordable if it works.  I can still use NYR Organic products as well, as they sell a base oil I can use in my recipe.

So it was a busy weekend, full of activity.  Another work week starts tomorrow.  Life will surely be busy until January is over.  Yes, two more days to breath and then deadlines are over.  Have a good one my friends.


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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. I am a wife, mother of three boys and a full time owner of an accounting firm. In my spare time, I enjoy creating things with fiber. You can also find me on Ravelry, search my name jeaniefarley.
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One Response to Sunday night ramblings, what the weenend is almost over…

  1. Dalon says:

    love the “organizing” blog!!! already checked that out … may have to save that one for my list 😉

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